For a lot of people, God is some distant, disconnected entity that doesn’t really care much about humanity. But, I disagree. I believe God is completely engaged, active and constantly wooing us to a deeper relationship with him. But, what does that look like?

In 1991, I started a journal.  It was nothing more than me getting alone and capturing my thoughts on paper. Interestingly, I used a word processor to journal my thoughts and prayers. Here it is 17 years later, and I have pages and pages of journal entries. What I found fascinating is that after about 3 or 4 years of journaling, I started actually listening. Lord, do you have something to say me?

He did.

So, I started spending my mornings by praying and then listening. I would often change my font color to red and just start writing what I thought God was saying to me.  It wasn’t an audible voice and some “Thus says the Lord…” prophetic declaration. It was a gentle, tender, quiet whisper deep into my thoughts. And, it was always in love. Always.

Over the years, my journey with God has grown so deep, so wonderful, so engaging and yet always growing, always changing, never stagnant.

It’s truly the most amazing journey I have ever experienced. And why keep this to myself, I thought. So, I started this blog, simply to share my journey with God, and share with you tips and ideas on how you can tap into that “still small voice” of the Divine that gently whispers and woos you.

Join me. Let’s listen together.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.