Can the devil read our mind or hear our thoughts?

Does the devil know our thoughts? Does he know what we think about? Can he know the secrets of our heart?

I don’t believe the enemy can read our mind for a couple reasons.

First, the Bible says that God knows the secrets of our heart (Psalms 44:22), and that he searches our heart (Psalms 139:23). Nowhere in scripture does it say that the enemy searches our heart or knows the secrets of our heart. Only God can do that.

Secondly, only God is omniscient, or all-knowing. Satan is not all knowing. He does not know everything. And, neither do angels. Only God knows everything.

Does that mean the devil doesn’t know what we are thinking? We have to be careful here, because Genesis 3:1 says that the serpent was more cunning and crafty than all the other beasts of the field. He is quite the strategist. He is very subtle and devious in his ways. He has become a master at reading us through our behaviors, actions and micro expressions.

Micro expressions? One of my favorite television shows is “Lie to me”, about this specialist in neuroscience and neuropsychology who has become a master of reading people through slight expressions in the facial muscles or certain movements with their hands or shoulders, what he calls “micro expressions”.

Another show that is similar in concept is “The Mentalist”, about a guy who once used this ability to pretend to be a psychic, but now works for investigators to help solve crimes by reading people.

These are great examples of how I believe the enemy reads us. While he can’t read our thoughts, he can read our behaviors and body language. He knows when we are afraid or concerned or stressed. He often knows what we are thinking about by the way we are responding or acting. Watch somebody long enough, and you’ll be able to read them as well.

Can the devil read our mind or hear our thoughts? No, I don’t believe so. But, does he know what we are thinking at times? Yeah, I believe he is a master of reading our body language and micro expressions.

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  1. Jane Langston August 31, 2009 at 4:36 pm #

    its is so great to hear this because i have been feeling like satan has been trying to get to me through my mind, i do now that this might be possible but its nice to now that he can not read my mind to turn my thoughts against me, but i have been finding subtle signs from God. like my e-mail i have not checked it lately so i was going through my messagesand found that someone had sent me a video about christ and a believer who showed a determined athesit that God was all mighty and powerful.

  2. AskLatisha March 17, 2010 at 4:07 am #

    Really interesting. I like how you used shows like “Lie to me” and “The Mentalist” to explain your point. Well written. Thank you.

  3. Diana October 18, 2011 at 1:48 am #

    Exactly what I believe, I’ve felt that the evil can read my thoughts but also came to the conclusion described aboved. He knows somewhat due to his studies of our action…..well written, God bless you.

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