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My wife and I are runners.   We’ve signed up for a marathon training program.  She’s training for a full marathon, and I’m training for a half.  I guess that makes me half the woman she is.  Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing.

After coming back from vacation this past weekend, we couldn’t find our running watch and heart monitor.  It’s a cool little device that monitors your heart rate while you run, and then calculates calories burned (never enough) while monitoring your time (needs to be longer) and your heart rate (a little high).

We searched the house over.  Still couldn’t find it.  I’m starting to think that maybe we left it at our vacation spot.  While driving home, I had this thought, “I should check the red backpack.”  Then, immediately I thought, Is that you God?

When I got home, I told my wife to check her red backpack.  Sure enough, it was in there.  We had searched all of our bags quite a few times over.  But, for some reason, we missed the red backpack.

So, the big question–was that God?  Was he whispering that thought into my mind?  Did I hear the voice of God?  Or, was it just a memory, a coincidence, a random thought?

I believe it was the voice of God.  Why?

First, my wife and I often pray and ask God to show us where things are when we can’t find them, and we often hear him tell us where they are.  

Secondly, the followup thought I had was quite interesting–Is that you God?  That’s not a normal thought for me.  I didn’t necessarily pray for God to show us where the heart monitor was, but I think about that one scripture that says, “your Father knows exactly what you need even before you ask him” (Matthew 6:8).  It’s like I had this thought, I should pray.

And thirdly, we often think God is only concerned with big issues–world hunger, presidential elections, war in the MIddle East, getting along with my mother-in-law.  But, it’s not just the big things that God cares about.  I have learned that God even cares for the little things in our lives.  He’s not like man that gets burdened with many things.  He can handle them all–lost keys, electricity bills, should I take this job, help me with my mother-in-law.

He desires to be involved in every area of your life, even the heart monitors.

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