The Knowledge of Good

From Bob Hamp

The knowledge of good has done more to separate people from God than the knowledge of evil.  This is what Rick Joyner says in his amazing book, “There were Two Trees in the Garden”.  I couldn’t agree more.  The knowledge of evil is easily identifiable and therefore more easily resisted.  Ironically it is often the knowledge of good that we use to resist or avoid that other branch.

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What do you believe about God?

From Alan Smith

I was thirteen years old the first time I got on a roller coaster that looped upside down. I was terrified. There were many prior failed attempts. You know what I mean. I waited in line. I made it all the way to the moment of decision and at the last minute stepped into the car and right on through. It took some serious peer pressure from some very cute thirteen year old girls to help me overcome my fear! Continue Reading…

Go to the Mattresses

This morning, I read a great article from Marissa Star about finding freedom. You can read the article here.

In her article, Marissa encourages people to fight for their freedom, and to fight hard. Way too many people just give up the fight. One of her favorite quotes (which might become one of my favorites quotes) simply says:

“It doesn’t take years–it takes choices.”

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Sin Mangement Vs. Forming Jesus In Us


Dallas Willard has described our modern version of Christianity as the “Gospel of Sin-Management”, because of our propensity to think in terms of “what do I do about my sin?”. How do I stop, it? Is it sin if I…? What do I do when I do sin? How do I control my “besetting sin”? All these seem to be the central focus of christian practice. If not preventing or managing bad behavior, we are trying to foster “good” behavior. Read your Bible, Pray more. All these things seem so different from what Jesus seemed to say and do for people. How odd that the religion we named after Him promotes itself differently than He did.

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Focusing on your problem or focusing on God?

From Alan Smith.

“I can’t afford to be more conscious of any problem than I am of his presence.” –Bill Johnson.

How often do I pray from a place of being conscious of a problem rather than of His presence? Too often.

When I am problem-focused rather than Kingdom-focused, I usually end up striving from a place of fear and unbelief. This usually produces fruitlessness in prayer, which then magnifies the unbelief. This process may produce louder and more fervent prayer, but rarely does it produce more effective prayer.

Faith comes from hearing God. Revelation results from turning toward Him, not toward a problem.

I’m most effective in prayer when my focus is upon pursuing divine encounter rather than relief from a difficulty.

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