Welcome to my journey with God

This is my story, my journey with God.  For many years, I have chronicled my walk with the Divine, and I want to take some time to share my experience with you.

Can we really commune with the Creator?  Can we hear his voice?  Deeper still, does he even care with what’s going on in our lives?

I think too many people, without knowing it, see a relationship with God like their relationship with their father–distant, disconnected, and unemotional.  For many, there is no real reference on what a perfect father/child relationship looks like.

Yet, he pursues us.  Woos us.  Draws us into an intimate walk with him.

What does that look like?  What is it like to “walk with God”?  Can we hear his voice?  Can we know his will.  Can we really understand what he is saying to us?

I think so.  I believe so.  He has guided my life so clearly, so wonderfully over the past few years.  Is my life perfect?  Uhh, no.  By no means, but I have experienced a touch from heaven, from God. I know that I’ve heard his voice.  And I know that he longs to speak to everyone of his children.

Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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